Female Libido Enhancement Gel – Treat Poor Libido

Not only men, but women too face sexual dysfunction. Sex is enjoyable most when one partner responds to the other with equal fervor. Poor libido in females may be detrimental to sexual enjoyment, and may create distress in relationship. Poor libido stands for low sex drive or decline of interest in sexual activities. Medically it is also referred to as hypoactive sexual desire. The interest in sex for women keeps fluctuating depending on significant lifestyle changes such as pregnancy, menopause or any kind of illness. But if this poor libido or low sex drive is persistent and recurrent, it may bring trouble in to love life, and a woman needs to worry about it.

The major factors leading to poor libido in women are fear of painful sex or dyspareunia, inability to achieve orgasm or anorgasmia, atrophy of muscle in vulva or vagina, thinning and tightening of vaginal wall, dryness in vagina, diseases like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, neurological disorders and coronary arterial disease, infertility, medications like antidepressants, high blood pressure medicines, anthistamines and chemotherapy drugs, fatigue due to household chores or child care, breast surgery or surgery in the genital tract region, alcoholism and recreational drug dependence, changes in estrogen levels during pregnancy or menopause, mental stress, depression, trauma due to prior history of sexual abuse, poor body image, low self confidence, communication gap between sexual partners, unresolved conflict with partner. Women with poor libido often suffer from weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes and digestive disorders.

The market provides multiple drugs to women troubled by poor libido. These drugs however are supposed to deal with some very sensitive organs of the female body, and thus one must be careful enough while choosing drugs. It is rather wise to go for herbal formulations to solve the problem. Personal gels or creams, purely natural in composition, are available in market. They produce no side-effects and are also nominally priced compared to synthetic drugs. HerSolution gel is one such product.


HerSolution gel with its powerful botanical essences gives a massive boost to woman’s libido or urge for sex. It is quite frustrating for the woman when she struggles to get aroused sexually but her body refuses to co-operate. With this gel, she can easily alleviate the trouble and enrich her sexuality. Application of the gel intensifies sexual desire, elevates the quality of orgasmic climax, and brings back natural lubrication thereby keeping the vaginal canal warm and slippery enough for utmost enjoyment for both partners. The gel also makes you highly sensitive to the touch of your partner. This happens because with the application of the gel, blood vessels get dilated, increasing blood supply to the vaginal area and making you respond readily to the touch or kiss of your partner.

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